Public Private Partnership In Tourism Industry

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Public Private Partnership In Tourism Industry


This report will discuss about the vaarious measures taken by the stakeholders in regard with the planning of tourism development in relation with the future sporting event. Along with this the advantages and disadvantages will be explained in this report connected with the public/private sector tourism planning partnership. Further the Public Private Partnership In Tourism Industrysustainability in tourism development is elaborated in agritourism. Even a brief discussion will be made over the arising problems faced by the tourism industry in developing countries. Lastly this report will emphasise over the current issues and future development issues related with the tourism development will be discussed.


Discuss how stakeholders can benefit from planning of tourism developments with reference to the forthcoming sporting events in a destination of your choice. Base your reflection on past similar events.

HND Principles of MarketingStakeholders having political basis or financial basis may provide required input and power to planning of a project. The tourism development allows the residents and other investors the opportunity to have a business or profit however, seasonal.  Researchers and experts have the same voice that sustainable development of tourism is the viable way for benefiting stakeholders. Stakeholders and public private partnerships plays role in tourism management.  . Public private partnership is the most viable way for getting benefit. Individually public and private stakeholders may face financial, skill, manpower, social or political issues but cooperation would assist them in a good way allowing them to benefit each with the assistance of each other.

The construction of stadiums, facilities for visitors, other temporary constructions, gives extra opportunity to take advantage of. Mega sporting events calls the world to look at the destination and steps are taken to great visitors and guests. New policy for traffic allows transportation facilities allowing less pirate vehicle and in turn allowing public transport facility, taxi services etc to boom. The export of services for such events allow trade block to boom.

The support of local residents is also a determinative factor as they are the one who gets affected directly. The sustainably planned way allows local residents to be stakeholder. In one instance the local mafia district allows hotel owners to build hotel in turn of employment and other incentives. Later the local got medical facilities and other amenities due to incentives and employment (, n.d.).