Principle Of Accounting

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Principle Of Accounting

Company Highlights

This report is a financial analysis report assessing the liquidity, financial stability and profitability of an Australian based superstore, Woolworths. This report has assessed the last 5 years financials of the company from the year 2011 to 2015. MS excel has been used as the tool to compute the financial ratios to assess the liquidity, stability and profitability positions of the company. The financials of the company are obtained from their annual reports.

Analyzing the financials from the annual reports, it is noted that in 2015, the company has seen decrease in Sales and Net profit as compared to 2014. From the year 2011 to 2014, the sales, earnings and net profit after tax of the company has been increasing which has seen a decrease in trend in 2015. These are the key observations on the profit & loss statement of the Woolworths superstore. On other hand the balance sheet figures indicate that as on 2015, the current assets, total assets, liabilities and owner’s equity all the parameters have been observed to have increased as compared to 2014. The current assets have grown up by 7.8% while the total assets position of the company has improved by 4.97% in 2015. On sources of funds side, liabilities have grown up by 4.36% while the owner’s equity has been brought in with the increase of 5.76% (Woolworths , 2015).

Computing the financial ratios with the help of financial data compiled from the respective year’s financial information from their annual reports, it is noted that the company has been maintaining its financial performance during 4 years since 2011 with slight reduction in 2015. The financial position on other hand has been observed to be improving with the assets, liabilities and equity of the company have been noted to be increasing.

Further details analysis of each of these financial aspects and their related calculations are discussed in next sections of the report.