Operation Management Assignment Help

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Operation Management Assignment Help

Executive Summary

Operations Management Assignment HelpOperation management is a critical function in every organization. The diversity it caters make it the most significant aspect, due to which organizations are increasingly focusing on the betterment of their operations in the internal and external environment of the firm.

The report covers various sub-functions of Operation Management including Supply-Chain Management, Inventory Management, Lean Management, Information Technology Management, Quality and Risk Management etc. in a typical pharmaceutical store. The challenges in operation management are critical and the management must take corrective actions immediately to gain customers’ loyalty and preference and to increase the productivity and sale turnover of store.

The report mainly discusses the case of operation Management in a Whites Pharmacy, which is a chain of stores in Riyadh, KSA. With successful operations, management is now planning to expand its operations to Jeddah. However, with the expansion, the firm is facing major issues in its operations management.

Furthermore, the report discusses the project management case of Whites Pharmacy, where it describes complete process of new system installation from design to implementation stage. This project would help Whites Pharmacy in converting its manual work to automation, bringing benefits like reduced cost, improved productivity and better order fulfilment and customers’ response rates.

Finally, the report presents the recommendations for each issue of operations management in summary and concluded that effectiveness in the firms’ operations happens with the dedication and commitment of firm and its operation management team. It also describes the impact of these recommendations on the role of Operation Manager.


Operational management challenges are faced by every organisation, no matter how large or small they are. The report discusses the operational management challenges faced by Whites Pharmacy. It is located in Riyadh, the central city of KSA with a recent established name for itself in pharmacy market.