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NETWORK TECHNOLOGIESThis assignment is based on the concept of networking technologies, which need to be implemented within a new premise of Beta communication Limited. This company works on the platform of telecommunication, which deals with telecom products for the niche market. Moreover, this assignment can help the learner to understand the standard and the models which are associated with the networking technologies. The aim of this assignment is to give a background to the basic components of the networked system through which the entire networking operations can derive. Furthermore, this company has the different building; each building has different department and every different have various requirements on the basis of the network along with the applications of the networking.

LO1: Understanding the principles of networking

Task 1:

A.C 1.1 Discussing the benefits and constraints of various networking systems, kinds and topologies

According to a network consultant, there are various benefits of the networking system, which can help the Beta communication Limited to fulfill the requirements of the different building of this company. Those benefits are given below:

  • File sharing: After implementation of LAN within the 1st, 2nd and 3rd building of this company, this networking system can offer a quick and easy way for sharing their large volume data or files directly. According to Varnelis (2012, p.90), has stated that as this company has three buildings, therefore, using a disk or USB from one building to another for sharing their files can consume a lot of time. Hence, Beta Communication can share their files directly from one building to another building after implementing the LAN within their office building
  • Security: As a network consultant, it can be said that security can be one of the most important aspects of having Networking technologies within any building or office. The first building of this company need to have the Web server and File Transfer Protocol or FTP for storing purpose of application and data, therefore, they require a secured platform. Moreover, NI (Network Infrastructure) manager needs to do video conferencing; therefore, they have ensured the network consultant that their security management needs to be of high strength. Furthermore, both the NI manager and the Telco products manager have different directories and each of their directories will have the different password. That password can limit the authorization of the file, that is, it gives protection by limiting the access to the authorized users (Tropper, 2014, p.19).
  • Management and cost of software: This Company can load the software on only on the file server, which can save the time as compared to install and track the files on the independent computers. According to Barnaghi et al. (2012, p.20), the frontline support requires high power workstation, whereas, the NI manager requires powerful PC for checking the status of MIS (Management Information System). Moreover, the PA and the Manager require powerful PC; therefore, upgrades can also be done in an easy method because the changes only need to be done for once on the FTP despite individual workstation.