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Ajax Assignment HelpBecause of being a determining factor for the organisation in order to calculate the success and failure, business environment is considered as the most important factor for the concern business organisation. This made a compulsion for the business organisations in regard with monitoring and analysing the occurring variations in the environment along with adopting required strategies for bringing the desired changes. With the help of various tools related to strategic management, a brief analysis can be made in connection with the specified organisation to notice the business environment of the same. In simple terms business environment can be explained as collection of activities done in continuation in order to satisfy the customers by fulfilling their desires by utilising the available resources. In a situation keeping in mind the customer satisfaction, working of organisation leads to an emergence state by performing certain activities like production, manufacturing and offering the goods and services. The another source leading towards productive and successful business operation is a comparison made between traditional and modern operations performed in business keeping in mind various components related to business environment. These components include “owners, investors, suppliers, distributors, customers, employees, government”. Other components helping in making business operations effective includes, “political, economic, social and cultural” environment of the existing market. It seems that the stake holder’s satisfaction responsibility also lies upon the business organisation and this can be done by managing the work in accordance with the existing market. The internal and external factors could be the reason of influencing the business process. These internal factors includes, “employees, management, decision maker etc.” whereas the external list includes, “customers, competitors and government rules”. This report is trying to give a brief explanation over importance and influence related to the business environment with the effect of business operations. Even an analysis is made over the various kinds of organisations like, “private, public and government organisations”. By taking an example of Shell organisation in this report it is tried to explain the importance involved with the stake holders, along with a vice versa analysis. Even by taking an example of Microsoft an analysis is made over the available regulatory and competition policies imposed by the organisation. Other than all this a clear discussion will be made over different aspects of business environment.


Within any economy there are a wide range of organisations that exist for different purposes. For the following types of organisations, identify the main purpose for which they exist.

Specified goals and functions are set up for the organisation in a given market. in order for setting the objectives for the organisation it is necessary that a brief analysis should be made over the purpose of the concern organisation this will help in gaining them success. There are different kinds of organisations which are categorized on the basis of purpose of the organisation like profit making, non-profit organisations and government governed organisations. Many times it is noticed that a collaboration is made over with the government based organisation and profit making organisation in order to accomplish some events. For this specified strategies are framed and adopted by the organisation in order to accomplish their purposes.

a)    “Private company”

Given below is an example of private organisations along with an analysis made over the considerations and purposes of the organisation. These kinds of organisations are considered to be the organisations which are basically focused to earn profits for making a contribution to the GDP of the country. But it is mandatory for the organisation to note that for its purpose the ethics of business should not be affected.