MS 510 Human Resources Management

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Mid-Term Paper Assignment


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MS 510: Human Resources Management


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Managing Employees for Competitive Advantage

In this paper we are discussing the challenges of the human resource and managing organizational demand and the environmental influences. We will also discuss the regulatory issues, work design and workforce planning in order to manage their work. We will also discuss over the workforce planning in order to make adequate recruitment and selection of adequate employees in the organization.
Human Resource Challenges:

There are effective challenges faced by the human resource such as:

Hiring the best:

The foremost challenge faced by human resource as they need to hire the best out of their available interviewers.

Keeping the best:

The second Challenge faced by them is human resource need to retain the capable and skilled employees within the organization for the benefits.

Developing the pipeline:

Human resource face challenges in order to develop the pipeline which means that they need to develop their management.

Workplace wellness:

Human resource effectively works over improving the workplace conditions and it creates lots of difficulties for human resource.

Addressing concerns:

Human resource needs to address the concerns for the purpose of solving the issues raised by the employees in order to make them satisfied.

Manage Organizational Demands and Environmental Influences

Human resource need to manage the organisational demand and the environmental influences. Organisational demand means the requirement show by the management of the qualified and skilled employees so that they can perform the activities in effective manner and helps in attaining the desired results.

The environmental factors which influence the organisation are level of the competition among the organisation which increases the expectations of the organisation from their employees in order to execute their assigned activities. Advancement in the technology as there is constant improvement in the technology which leads to increase in the change among the processes and create difficulties for the human resource. Human resource need to manage these factors as they have to recruit the employees as per the management requirement so that they help the organisation in meeting the level of organisation.