Marketing Strategy Case Studdy Pizza Hut

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Marketing Strategy Case Studdy Pizza Hut


1.1 Background

Pizza Hut is a restaurant base and international franchise chain in Addison, Texas, USA (Northern suburb of Dallas), specializing in American-style pizza with fittings included (by location): chicken wings, breadsticks, and garlic bread. Pizza Hut was started in the early 2000s in Malaysia and the company has more than 50 retail outlets in Malaysia. The company is being run under the brand name called Yum brands. The following are the main products of Pizza Hut in Malaysia: Pan cheese pizza, Stuffed crust, Cheesy bytes, peporani pizza toppings etc, Pastas, Desserts – Truffle cake and Garlic bread, Chilly bread, garlic exotic bread

1.2 Mission and Vision

The mission of Pizza Hut in Malaysia is to provide the customers fresh and quality pizzas combined with a welcoming environment. The vision of the company is to reach the top spot in the food industry through quality offering and services combined with best taste and the second vision is to “see the yum on the customers face”

1.3 Challenges

Many consumers are turning into health conscious, therefore they are avoiding pizzas. Also, there is a huge competition in the fast food market with the big brands like KFC, McDonalds, Marry brown, Subway and others are looking for a tougher competition to retain their customers. The company is facing tough competition due to various economic situation, due to credit crisis many individuals are trying to avoid the retail food outlet. Also, with the introduction various new products and brands Pizza Hut is facing huge crisis in Malaysia. These factors are affecting Pizza Hut in a larger manner to control higher market share and claim premium prices. Also the cost of production is increasing due to the increase in the cost of raw materials. For making Pizzas, the company is procuring high quality dough and cheese from international markets, this is affecting their profit margins in a huge way.

    • Secondary data

Secondary data are those which is sourced from the existing source. These types of data are reail available in various formats. The researchers uses these information for gaining a clear idea on the chosen research topic. Some of the sources of secondary data are: Electronic library, Books, magazines, Business Journals, Research articles, Company websites, Consultant reports etc.