Marketing Strategies To Improve The Company Revenue Earnings

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Marketing Strategies To Improve The Company Revenue Earnings

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To: Senior Vice President (SVP) Marketing Department

FROM: The Analyst.

Date: May 2, 2017.

SUBJECT: Marketing Strategies to Improve the Company’s Revenue Earnings

The strategic operations adopted two years ago by our company have been very favoring in terms of revenue increment and performance. Regardless the fact that there has been substantial increase in performance in general consideration in the company’s financial concerns, there were some areas that experienced some decrease in revenues due to failure by the management to fund implementation of certain activities in time. The major areas that showed increased revenues were the domestic and commercial customers, which had revenue earnings of $12,085,137 and $7,195,592 respectively in the first quarter of the 2016. Revenues from domestic customers increased further to 13,930,466 in the second quarter of 2016, while that of commercial customers increased to 8,130,973. Marketing as a way of increasing sales volume is one of the ways that contributed most to the revenue increment. The sector that contributed to the above mentioned decrease in revenue is the service sector. Therefore the management should strive to allocate more funds the sectors for their operations.

The company has recorded a general increase in revenue for the last three months. With regard to the market outreach, domestic customers provide the largest market for the company’s products. Although international market provides a significant market for the company’s products, the most recognized and involved are the domestic customers. Government and education sectors are marking the greatest increase in revenues as experienced in the last five years. With regard to the last two years, the expansion strategies underlied have led to the extension of the market focus from domestic to foreign and higher markets. Nevertheless, with the data provided, domestic customers are the major assets and the company always seeks to attracts and retain more of them through motivated workforce.text, analysis, cases, plans.