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Marketing essentials deals with the necessary tools of marketing that provides ample full of assistance towards a specific organisation. Marketing tools guide a profit a making organisation to understand the demand of the consumers and act accordingly. The assignment showers light on various role of marketing and interrelation of several marketing tools with the other functional unit of the particular organisation. The particular assignment also comprises of the different responsibilities of marketing and the various marketing mix that a specific organisation applies in order MARKETING achieve success in terms of business operations. Marketing mix of Unilever and Nestle highlighted in this particular assignment. A detailed marketing plan of Unilever also highlighted in this particular assignment. 

Lo1: Role of Marketing and interrelation with other functions of Unilever UK

P1: Key responsibilities and roles of Marketing on Marketing Functions

There are certain role and responsibilities of marketing management process through which a company can acquire certain growth in industry. Certain things of a company depend on the marketing process and market evaluation of the company. In order to gain competitive advantage in UK food retail sectors certain responsibilities and roles of marketing managements of Unilever UK are needed.

Understanding the demands of Consumers:

This is one of the major roles and responsibilities of marketing management process of a company as through this process perception of consumers regarding quality of the products can be acquired through proper way. Armstrong et al. (2015, p. 11), in modern business process technology plays essentially important role and this advancement in technological approach creates huge opportunity for marketing management of a company to communicate with the consumers. Introduction of social media in several business processes is also a prolific way to communicate with the consumers. Understanding demand of consumers is also essentially important through demand of the market can be known. If demand of consumers can be met properly then positive perception regarding the company can be created among consumers.