Managing Across Borders

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Managing Across Borders

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Executive summary

In this study, the detail discussion regarding the international business and the associated management process of the international business operation has been discussed. In order to discuss the theoretical models and the strategies of the international business expansion the organization Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been selected. In this study the detailed analysis of the international expansion policies of TCS along with the issues faced in the business operation from the global perspective has been described. The overall study indicates the steps taken by the organization TCS and its impact on the business process of the organization. The requirement of the specific skill sets of the international managers and the effective management strategies has been discussed along with the germane example taken from the TCS case study.  In the concluding section, the entire study has been summarized accordingly. 

Section 1: Introduction

The acute advancement of the technology has impacted the recent business environment rapidly. Due to the high speed communications and the advanced methods of the software based business monitoring and operation has provided the national businesses to grow internationally. This process of the growth and development in the business related aspects has gained ground since the advent of the globalization, as per the views of Natarajan & Bagwan, (2016). The globalization has helped the business organization not only to experience the surge of opportunities, but also has encouraged the regional and the national businesses to grow internationally. Additionally Fotopoulou et al., (2013) suggested that, the free trade related treaty and collaborative working environments has helped the national corporation to think beyond the geographic limits and achieve the mutual benefits from the organizational and international economical aspects of the business.

In this study, the globalization of the business process and the associated factors of the globalization of the business operation have been described in details. In this study the organization, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been selected as the organization to discuss about. This is the organization is purely an Indian multinational, which grown like a mammoth in almost every wing of the business. Tata is the brand, which is present in every sector of the business in India. This brand has their presence in food, retails, construction, production, services and variety of other businesses. Software based service venture of the Tata is the TCS. Moreover, TCS is the organization, which is known for its best services in the global scenario with the globally diversified base of the business. As per the views of Leppaaho et al., (2015), TCS is the largest company in India by the market capitalization, which is worth of USD $ 80 billion. Moreover, the organization ranks in the number 64th of the Forbes World’s most