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Task 1: Describe any two information systems for operational support in a business?

Information system has become the backbone of businesses. Information system play noticeable role in the success of business organization. Daily work done in business, communication in a business, information gathering and using that information for the benefit of business rely on the information system used by the business. Keeping the records of inventory, collecting data of customers, keeping track of stocks etc. all these task needs efficient information systems to of the important information system businesses needs in operational support is:

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems” is an information system which supports the main Business operations of a business. E.g. HR management, finance, sales and marketing, logistics etc. ERP systems use three-tier software architecture structure which consist of user interface tier, Application tier and database tier. ERP is complex information system which helps business to effectively respond to market needs and keep the data intact for customer value creation. ERP is integrated with smaller and focused applications to include other information system and increase its functionality. (Sansbury, 2011)

Information system for operational support includes “Sales and marketing Systems” Organization use dedicated Customer Relationship management (CRM) systems to deal with the customer queries about sales and availability of products. New advance technologies are excessively used to support sales over internet. Customer’s data is collected and stored in information system which helps management to improve marketing strategy and determine the products and services they have to offer to customers. (Umar, 2003)

Task 2: Describe any two examples of Differentiation Strategy?

To be different from your competitors is the key to market capitalization in competition. Business offers unique services from their competitors. Offering Innovative and quality products and services to consumer attracts new customer. Adaptive and pro-active management approach to market needs by instilling sophisticated information system to operating system can help a business organization differentiate from its competitors.