Invitation To Attend Extra Ordinary General Meeting

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Invitation To Attend Extra Ordinary General Meeting 


Invitation To Attend Extra Ordinary General MeetingAdept Owl Games Company is manufacturing Company involved in developing, publishing and distribution of dice, card and board games for all the ages. Company was earning average profits in the previous years and planning to declare dividend for distribution in this current financial year. Company in its board meeting has already recommended the dividend for this year. The topic for the meeting will be distribution of dividend among the shareholders of the Company.

Preparation for the meeting

Notice of the meeting will be distributed to each shareholder, directors and other officers of the Company at their address provided by them to the Company. Notice will be provided with an attachment of proxy form. This proxy form will be submitted by the shareholders before 24 hours of the meeting. Meeting will be held as an “extra ordinary general meeting” in the five star hotel on 01, March, 2017. The hotel is nearby to place of registered office of the Company situated at vali street, foxword palace, Australia. The timings for the meeting will be at 10:00 A.M.

Participants of the meeting

  • Chairman
  • Directors
  • Company secretary
  • Shareholders
  • Proxy of shareholders
  • External auditor
  • Internal auditor
  • Chief executor officer
  • Independent Director

Meeting Agenda

  1. Consideration of the previous minutes and initialisation and signature on the minutes by the directors on the same.
  2. Appointment of director
  3. Distribution of Dividend as recommended by the board in its meeting.
  4. Any other matter if required after the acceptance from shareholders and chairman.

Applicable conventions

  • Preparation of proper agenda for meeting with proper clarity and simplicity.
  • Meeting Code of conduct and code of practice of meeting
  • Fair and proper accountability in declaration and distribution of dividend

Legal and Ethical Requirements of meeting

  • Following Corporation Act and other applicable provisions for meeting.
  • Providing a special facility for disabled individuals to attend the meeting
  • A fair judgement on the basis of show of hands or poll conduct of meeting

Responsibilities for conduct of meeting

  • Directors with the assistance of Company Secretary will prepare agenda of the meeting.
  • Appointment of scrutinizer by the directors.
  • Distribution of notice, minutes preparation, arrangement of refreshments, stationery and accommodation, Arrangement of postal facility and booking of hotels sitting arrangements will be done by Company Secretary of the Company.