Internship Report

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Internship Report


internship-reportAdam Couture design costumes, dresses and various other fashion-relate things like hiring models and photographers, they outsource it. The company is involved in doing fashion shows as well. The employees working in the organization are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Lebanon, Philippines, Syria and Yemen.

  • Investigation and Problem / Project Definition

The problem that is faced by Adam’s Couture is that there are several communication issues and conflicts amongst the multi-culture employees that is creating differences and affecting the organization as well.

  • Getting difficult to manage.
  • Also, the business is getting affected because of employee differences as active communication is very important in every business without which no business can flourish.


Secondary sources: are taken from the previous journals and academic sources; Griffith’s model of communication effectiveness is applied.

Primary sources: are based on the interviews been constructed on Adams Couture.

Target Audience

The target audience basically is the multicultural employees in the fashion industry and in the global organizations.