Institutional Affiliation

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Institutional Affiliation:


 I have the interest in the Senior Officer position so that I can impart my knowledge skills and expertise in the department’s fundamental values and principles to the new and existing officers in the police department. I believe that the position suits me because I have been privileged to hold different positions, working in various capacities and have gained vast experience from every assignment. During my tenure in the previous posts, I have been able to demonstrate competence, dedication, and integrity. I have encountered numerous and challenging tasks, some of which have been very demanding. I, however, can confidently say that I have stood the test of time. I have some experience of administrative duties and responsibilities. As such, I relish continuing my excellent career by furthering into a full-time administrative position as a senior officer. Given the opportunity, I will diligently serve to bring a positive impact on the department. I will employ my vibrancy, energy and enthusiasm to improve the image of the esteemed police department.

Rating Out of 10, I would give myself an 8. The last five years have been the most successful in my career as a police officer. My communication is top notch. I have the ability to confidently and fluently interact and communicate with not only peers but seniors and juniors alike. I consider it a blessing that my written and spoken speeches are above par. The exceptional skill has earned me fame and recognition from my seniors who have on numerous occasions delegated me the responsibility to represent them in various events. I have the ability to slow down my speech when needed and to speak thoughtfully. I am calm, focused and polite and attractive to be around. My ability to appropriately use facial expressions, more so eye contact and body posture on different occasions is impressive. I can effectively use my voice and gestures to convey a particular message. I can also confidently say that I am a good listener. I have the ability to exercise patience and listen to the different viewpoints of everyone. The realization is informed by understanding that everyone is entitled to their opinion. My manners are good. I believe that etiquette has been the biggest impetus that has catapulted my career. I can argue that my problem-solving skills will come in handy in my new position as a senior officer. In every situation in my previous posts, I have been able to identify what exactly is the problem. I understand that to solve a complex problem, there is a conscious need to dissect it, examine possible solutions, and put into place plans to monitor its progress (Nanus, 1992). Social awareness is a part of my interpersonal skills. Social awareness enables me to identify opportunities. In the past, this critical skill has helped me identify and respond to social needs. In the past, I have been able to help out a few of my colleagues who were struggling professionally. By advising them to seek professional help was essential to ensuring that they not only keep their jobs, but also enjoy executing their duties and responsibilities. I firmly believe that awareness of my interpersonal skills will enormously help the department and myself in handling work tasks and responsibilities.