Industrialization Assignment Help

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Industrialization Assignment Help

The Eurocentric view of industrialization of the industrial revolution began in Great Britain and then later it spread through the Western Europe. This is called as the industrialization of continental Europe which was slightly later than Great Britain. The primarily beginning of the industrial era is considered to be from 1760 onwards but actual development of industries. Machinery and labor movement began from 1820 onwards (Blaut, 2000). Characteristics of this development were switching of the manufacturing process from hands to machines, development of steam-based engines, using new chemical-based manufacturing processes in textiles and iron ore mining, water power was also used for this period effectively. Industrial revolution helped in changing the economic structure and lifestyle of Great Britain and entire Western Europe eventually. Manufacturing of Europe became more efficient and cost effective as compared to other parts of the world and their quality was superior as well. This happened because of inclusion of machines and chemicals.

It is also opined by many authors that this industrialization was the beginning of modern capitalist economy but they differ on the time period during which it began. There are concerns regarding many authors calling this phenomenon as the industrial revolution because John Clapham and Nicholas Crafts are of opinion that development of western Europe into an industrialized society and region was a gradual process and it did not happen during a short period of time, thus calling it a revolution might not be the correct.

One of the ongoing debates and discussion about this industrialization process was that what are the reason which caused this particular region to get industrialized rapidly as compared to Asian countries who were better prepared and they had more manpower available and there were also more natural resources available to fuel the industrial growth and weather wise also western Europe is not as ideally suited for other locations for manufacturing processes. However still Great Britain became the pioneer and even US followed it later (Herbert, 2009).

One of the reasons which are put forward by the historians is that mild and cold weather of Europe and rainfall on a regular basis provided a good environment for livestock and they became a part of the industrial revolution as sufficient raw materials were available and transportation was easier. Diseases were also not very frequent in this part of the world as compared to others like China and Africa where drought and epidemic diseases were frequent. In Europe, livestock and animals were not just used for the purpose of providing flesh for eating but they were also used for purpose of manufacturing like pulling plows, turning millstones, pulling carts etc.