Human Computer Interaction

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Human Computer Interaction


Human Computer InteractionHuman Computer Interaction (HCI) is process of research the design and utilization of computer technology by having major focus on the interface between computer and users. This kind of research helps to improve the functionality of technology that makes it more users friendly and interactive that meets the objectives of human more effective manners.  Websites are the key parameters for analyzing the effectiveness and image of organization that support to visitors to develop an image of organization and make further business relations with the organization. The report will analyze the effectiveness of website of two major retail organizations of Australia. The report will focus on the functionality of websites as well the features. Moreover, report will compare and contrast the two websites against the HCI design and provide recommendations for further improvement in the effectiveness of website.


Bing Lee

This is an Australian retailing company, a chain of superstores that has specialization in consumer electronic like computers and telecommunication products and services. Bing Lee is the largest privately held electronic retail business in New South Wales with 41 stores and having turnover of about $ 490 million (blinglee, 2015). Organization is offering goods and services through website as market of online shopping is increasing as well it is also beneficial for organization to encourage the sales (blinglee, 2015). According to observation it is been carried out that Bing Lee one of the top online retail brand of Australia that has user-friendly website that helps to engage visitors and support to convert them into loyal customers. is one of the largest online department stores in Australia that selling thousands of products and services through its website that made with the purpose of engaging customers. The major aim of organization is to develop the market by crafting improvement in the website functions and improve the effectiveness (kogan, 2016).