HRM Industry Portfolio On Talent Attraction And Selection

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HRM Industry Portfolio On Talent Attraction And Selection


Master Hospitality Assignment Writing Assignment HelpThe biggest challenge that HR manager of hospitality is undergoing in New Zealand is concerning performance management process (, 2011). In this respect it has been observed that performance management process is seen to be varied across New Zealand human resource community. It has been seen that there is an emerging trend that is away from form based appraisal systems to the processes that lays down focus upon regular dialogue and employee participation (de, 2010). In this regard it has been found that Hospitality management in New Zealand is not able to set SMART goals, providing appropriate feedback and coaching has been a great challenge for the HR professionals.

Under this report discussion has been laid down with respect to selection of a Front office manager to carry out their functioning within Royal Hotel. Within this study overview of challenges in hospitality of New Zealand human resource managers has been studied. The report has also undergone job description for front office managers and person profile for front office managers. Further, discussion has been laid down in relation to interview questions, second selection method and selection decision matrix that will be undertaken by Royal hotel for the selection of Front office manager for the final interview process to be taken by Betty.


The Royal Hotel

Position description

The Royal hotel has got a position of Front office manager who is responsible to look after various operations of hotel department. It includes planning, payroll, budgeting and staffing that will complete be in accordance with the company policies and procedures (, 2011). The manager is also going to lay down appropriate support and leadership to all the members of front office.

Essential duties and responsibilities