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How Should Blender Segment Its Prospects and Customers

To: Margret Johnson

From: Karl Samson

Date: 29/04/2016

Subject: How Should Blendr Segment Its Prospects and Customers?

After analyzing the and conducting a thorough study of the various online dating sites, including the Tinder which is in direct competition with Blendr and has over the years has been successful to hold a strong grip over the online dating market, I have got certain exciting new ideas so that the Blendr can be rebranded for its new target market. I think the best possible way to start with is to launch the website from the best possible platform for the particular target group. The various other applications such as the Grindr and the Tinder have been successfully focusing on a particular target market such as the young men and women or the gay men. I believe that Blindr should target such customers who are either too busy or are afraid to go on date. This should be the primary target market for the Blindr. This target population can be further subdivided into the various categories such as people between the age group of 45 years to 65 years and wanted to date either adolescent or adult children, another group of people can be the heterosexual, divorced and separated couples who wants to start up a new relationship. The target market has to be financially more stable than the other groups which are targeted by the rivals as this will help the website to apply good subscription price in order to raise the revenue of the company, instead of relying on the advertisements and ‘freemiums’ to generate revenue. this will also enable the company to provide high quality service to its customers.

Subject: How Should Blendr Segment Its Prospects and Customers?

Gathering information is the most significant part of the success of the dating website. In order to increase the user experience the Blindr will be using the context data. The Blindr is first going to generate the report taking into consideration the various environmental and the behavioral patterns. For example through the special features in the app the users can be located to understand whether they are working or listening to music while using the app.  In order to gather the information for the different stages of the customer’s journey, the company can utilize different platforms. For example in the discover stage of the customer the company can utilize the Google Analytics and the Flurry for the web and mobile applications. This will help the company to get information regarding downloads, engagement and total number of visit to the site. In the deciding stage of the customer the information about the knowhow of the customer can be determined using the Origami. In the stage of automation the customers can be retargeted through the Adroll so as to optimize the budget and target the specific customers. At the activation the company has to make sure that it is using the Hubspot and the Marketo so that the customers can be persuaded to come back to the site, as the churn can lead to losses

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