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Hospitality Industry Assignment Help


Hospitality Industry Assignment HelpHospitality industry of a country deals with the way it serves and welcomes its guests, so a wide range of operations come under this industry. That includes the infrastructure, travel permits, tour operators, accommodations, food services etc.

The unique feature of this industry is this industry flourishes on the basis of how satisfied the customers are. (Reynolds, 2014)

Hospitality has emerged as a total product with all th efactors integrated into one with the increase in the tour operators.

With more leisure time and more paid holidays and the increase in earning tour and travel has become an integral part of the lives of people.This has led to the growth and development of this industry.

Hospitality Industry Assignment Help

This industry has both advantages and diadvantages to the host country.It increases the economic growth of the host country but it may also bring about the destruction of the indegenous values and cultures.So steps should be taken to maximize the positiveness and eliminate the negetivity.

Part A

1. Define the term hospitality


  • Defined as receiving your guests or strangers very friendly and in a generous manner (Oxford Dictionary, 2014)
  • derived from the Latin word hospes which means guests
  • In the current world hospitaliy refers to the etiquette and th emanner in which you respect your guests(Oh & Pizam, 2008)

2. Identify in percentage how much the hospitality industry contributes to the GDP in the UK

According to WTTC Travel & Tourism’s contributed to GDP in the UK £101 billion in 2011, or 6.7% of total GDP.

3. Explain the difference between the product and services offered in a 4* hotel and in Bed and Breakfast.

Bread and Breakfast is a place of stay for few nights where breakfast is complimentary but it is different from 4 star hotels. This arrangement will have an open kitchen and rooms.

Hotels have equipped staffs that are specialised to carry out different functions, which operate wide range of tasks, but B&B have smaller and limited staff members.

The price of hotel food is high in four star hotels than B&B. B&B has fluctuating prices that are subject to seasonal influx of guests but hotels usually do not. Hotels even offer discount to the guests. (Difference Between , 2014)

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