Hospitality Industry Assignment Help

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Hospitality Industry Assignment Help


Hospitality industry of a country deals with the way it serves and welcomes its guests, so a wide range of operations come under this industry. That includes the infrastructure, travel permits, tour operators, accommodations, food services etc.

The unique feature of this industry is this industry flourishes on the basis of how satisfied the customers are. (Reynolds, 2014)

Hospitality has emerged as a total product with all the factors integrated into one with the increase in the tour operators.

With more leisure time and more paid holidays and the increase in earning tour and travel has become an integral part of the lives of people.This has led to the growth and development of this industry.

This industry has both advantages and disadvantages to the host country.It increases the economic growth of the host country but it may also bring about the destruction of the indigenous values and cultures.So steps should be taken to maximize the positiveness and eliminate the negativity.

a) Organizational structure

London Heathrow Marriott is a well-developed chain and has a tall organizational structure. It is a complex and large hotel business, so the tall hierarchical structure ensures its smooth running. It has a centralized head office that performs major responsibilities and has a large amount of power. The General Manager is responsible for controlling the 5 executive committee members. It has the assistant head so the department and also associates.

b) Identifying the operational and functional areas

Departmentalisation of a company in order to carry specific functions is known as its functional area.

Functional Area of London Heathrow Marriott is;

  • It has a front office including the reception
  • Beverage and food section is another functional area that includes the room service,restaurant, Bar etc.
  • Kitchen department
  • Leisure activities
  • Human Resource Department
  • Finance Team
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Maintenance
  • Administration