FIT1045 Algorithmic Problem Solving Assignment

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FIT1045 Algorithmic Problem Solving Assignment

FIT1045 Algorithmic Problem Solving  Assignment (18%).

Due: 23:55:00, Friday 6th Oct, 2017.

Submission Procedure

  1. Put you name and student ID as a comment on each le (and in the footer of the discussion le).
  1. Make sure your programs strictly follow the instructions given at the end of each task.
  1. Save your les into a single folder called assignment and create a zip le of this folder called
  1. Submit your zip le containing your solution to Moodle. Make sure that your assignment is not in Draft You need to click Submit to successfully submit the assignment.
  1. Your assignment will not be accepted unless it is a readable zip 
  1. Your submitted zip le should only include the following les:
  • py
  • py
  • py
  • dipy
  • py
  • py
  • py
  • pdf (or greedy.rtf if you prefer)
  • py
  • any other les included will not be assessed

Important Notes:

  1. FIT1045 Algorithmic Problem Solving AssignmentPlease ensure that you have read and understood the university’s policies on plagiarism and collusion available at . You will be required to agree to these policies when you submit your assignment.
  • The assignments will be checked for plagiarism using an advanced plagiarism detector
  • Students will be interviewed by their demonstrators to demonstrate the understanding of their code during their workshop in week 11
  • Students who do not attend their interview will have one week from the release of assignment results to make alternate arrangements, otherwise they shall receive 0 marks for the assignment
  • Last year, many students were detected by the plagiarism detector and almost all got zero mark for the assignment and, as a result, failed the unit. Helping others is NOT okay. Please do not share your solutions with others. If someone asks you for help, ask them to visit us during consultation hours for help
  1. Your demonstrator will check in on your progress on the assignment in week 8, make sure you have something to show them as they will use the opportunity to give you some valuable feedback on your work (which may help you improve your nal mark!)