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Explaining How Guest Model Of HRM Is Adopted At Harrods


Explaining How Guest Model Of HRM Is Adopted At HarrodsHuman Resource Management is an important function as an organization is formed by the people in it. The organizations need to access the current state of human resource management practices and develop better strategies accordingly to focus at best practices of managing the human resources. This study is based on the case study of HARRODS that has shown adoption of better management practices leading to the solution of the organizational problems it was facing earlier such as high turnover, low staff morale and low participation. This study thereby is indicative to the importance of having a better human resource management and planning.

TASK 1: Understanding the different perspectives of human resource management

1.1  Explaining how Guest Model of HRM is adopted at Harrods

David Guest Developed this model in the year 1997. This model has six analysis dimensions.

  • The strategies for the management of the human resources
  • The practices in the human resource management
  • Outcomes for human resource management
  • How does it impacts the behaviour
  • The impact of HRM on the performances
  • The financial outcomes (Marsden, 2002)

Guest Model at Harrods

Explaining How Guest Model Of HRM Is Adopted At Harrods

Strategies for the management of the human resource

At Harrods numerous strategies are implemented to ensure that the human resource is well managed suchas effective recruitment strategy to receive a work force that has the requisite skill set and fiils the requirement of the job having the right attitude for custoenmr service. Stress on performance management and performance improvement is seen at Harrods.

The practices in the human resource management

Harrods with its new ownership is extremely comitted and shows lot of concern for the employee well being showing the practice of the Guest Model. Harrods staff is well motivated and trained ensuring their satisfaction and highf performance.

Outcomes for human resource management

Harrods as an outcome of the practice of the Guest model has a happy and motivaqted work force who are consistrent high performers who aim to achieve a career growth with Harrods. Harrods are taking significant measures to retain their employees by making them satisfied at their jobs.

Impacts of the Guest Model in the behaviour

With the practice of Guest model Harrods staff has become more motivated and committed. There has been establishment of a guest –driven culture. The organization has been successful in creating shared values, attitude and beliefs and highly trained and skilled work force. Harrods is aiming at achieving ‘High quality employees’.


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