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HND Students Are Required To Complete 16 UnitsThe term Autism implies a neurodevelopment disorder, which is featured by blunt interaction with society, verbal and nonverbal interaction and a restrictive behavior. These signs are noticed in an individual within the first 2-3 years of a child. Due to the presence of wide range of symptoms, this health condition is called autism spectrum disorder in medical terms. Children diagnosed with this disorder are faced with difficulty in communicating with others. This study attempts to illustrate the development of autism disorder among children. For conducting this study, Childhood Autism Rating Scale has been chosen as a standardized test. This study mainly focuses on analyzing the works of various researchers and authors and a make a detailed discussion of the same. Furthermore, this study also addresses the psychometric or statistical outcome of the works of the researcher in relation to the subject. In addition to that, this study also attempts to analyze the impact of autism disorder among the children, their social background and suggestions have been made to help improve their condition.

Technical Review Article Summaries

This section of the study deals with the works of several researchers and authors regarding the childhood autism rating scale. Attempts have been made to analyze the views of the researchers and make a detailed discussion on the same.

Article 1:

The first article chosen for this study is a comparison of the autism treatment procedures that includes professionally evaluated ATEC or parentally evaluated CARS. This article mainly focuses on the evaluation of scores generated from the treatment of autism and those deduced after completing the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS). This is a cohort study and for the purpose of the study 56 random participants diagnosed with childhood autism have been chosen (Geier,  Kern & Geier, 2013).. Their parents using the help of ATEC and other healthcare professionals evaluated the participants individually. In order to evaluate the ATEC and the CARS scores, and used Spearman’s rank correlation. This study is relevant for the purpose of understanding the cause and effect of autism among children. The results of the study shows a relation between the scores professionally derived from CARS and parentally derived from ATEC. In addition to that, the study focuses on psychiatric diagnostic of the qualitative impairment in social interaction among children with autism disorder and qualitative impairments in communication as well.