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Environmental Sustainability Assignment Help


The term ‘Environmental Sustainability’refers to the concept where it is considered that the environment should be kept safe and protected for the future generations. It is very important that the activities which human do are in concurrence of environmental sustainability.  This also includes the activities involved in Residential Sector which currently contributes a large percentage towards the degradation happening in the environment. It is estimated that about 15% of the wastage of natural resources are due to activities involved in the residential sector. Lately environment experts and a government have realized that it is very important that the residential sector should align its activities for the sustainable environment. The importance has been felt with increasing population and with it the increasing demand for residence by the people, which is putting ever increasing the burden on the environment and natural resources due to the use of a conventional method of operations. This has led to serious issues like the high level of water and energy consumption, clearing the forest land to make way for creating buildings, a large scale of mining from earth to take out iron, sand and other minerals, huge noise pollution and other adverse effects on the environment. The purpose of this report is to understand in depth the effects caused by the current level of lack of consideration towards the sustainability of the environment and the reasons which lead to people not giving the desired importance to it. The report will also try to put forward some views on how the concept of environmental sustainability is incorporated in activities involved in the residential sector in Australia. The scope of the report will only be restricted to the Australian residential sector’s relation with the environment with few references from outside Australia to understand the topic better. The report will include the views expressed by the experts in this field as the literature review which will be followed by the discussion on the topic

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