Environmental Protection Assignment Help

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Environmental Protection Assignment Help


The importance of environmental protection is getting realized in different parts of the world these days. People, governments, and the organizations now understand that how important it is to keep the environment safe and why steps should be taken to change the way the activities are done in the society today by humans in order to minimize the damage to the environment. At earlier times, people used to consider the environment as sacred and avoided activities which can challenge its safety. But with the industrialization and mechanization and the short term benefits it brought to people, the society started neglecting the importance of a safe and healthy environment. It is being seen all over the world that due to neglecting the environmental issues in order to develop the society, there have been many environmental issues which have come up like global warming, ozone layer depletion, change in weather pattern and natural disasters (Macrory 2006, pp, 219-225). It is the responsibility of each entity of the society to work in a manner which is responsible towards the environment.

Although every entity should self-regulate its activities towards environmental safety, the governments across the world believe that there is also need of regulations and legislations which can ensure that the damage to environment gets as minimum as possible. This belief got more strength when it was felt that the rapid industrialization of the society is causing an irreparable and serious damage to the environment. This made the governments and the other groups worried about the future of the environment and the governments started coming up with legislations to protect the environment (Sands 2003, pp. 393-402). The Australian government has also come with such legislations like NEGR and Carbon Tax. These regulations are welcomed by a certain section of people who observed that there was some tangible change in the nature of working with these organizations due to the regulations and the damage to the environment was getting reduced due them. These people can be termed as pro regulations environmentalists and they believe that the regulations are necessary. On the other hand, there are people who believe that these regulations are not required to make the organizations work in a manner which is environment-friendly. Instead, the organizations should be allowed to operate like a free market (McConkey & Dutil, 2006, pp. 112-119). These people are called free market environmentalists. The essay tries to analyze the viewpoints of free market believers and believers of regulations with respect to the issues concerning the environmental safety. This essay will also accommodate the views of different stakeholders of the society on this topic and try to understand the necessity of such legislations in the society.