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Emotion In Conflict And Emotional Intelligence


Conflicts are bound to happen in any organization because of the difference in opinion of the different individuals and it is something that an organization has to live with. Even though constructive differences in opinion are something that organization promotes to foster innovation; most of them are unproductive in nature and it is the role of the managers to ensure that they deal with the situation in an effective manner. Emotional intelligence can help the managers in dealing with such situations in a better manner as it is the science of understanding how the people would react to various situations and the knowledge of the same can help them in dealing with the situation and more importantly making use of it to have a constructive feedback for the employees. It is seen that most of the organizational conflicts are being dealt with the rule books that can only give a practical view of looking at things but rarely it gives the opportunity to get down to the real issue and hence we might see most of these issues resurfacing within a short span of time. This would effectively waste a lot of time and energy of all who are involved in the same. Managers who are skilled at handling the employees emotionally would ensure that they don’t pass their judgments and try to look things from an objective point of view. Use of emotional intelligence in resolving conflicts in organizations would also ensure that the employees feel a sense of being within the organization and the productivity of them would increase in addition to the reduction in conflicts over a period of time. This method aims at providing constructive feedback and suggestions to the employees and not blaming anyone for the situation in hand that would help the organization to avoid any major  “emotional accident” during the course of the conflict resolution process.

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