Emerging And Existing Technologies Assignment

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Emerging And Existing Technologies Assignment






Wireless Networks

Computer Network Assignment HelpTechnology is the collections of skills techniques, methods and also the process which is employed in the production of goods or even services even in the accomplishment of objects which may include the scientific investigation. This technology can even be embedded in a machine to the world in capability in working together. The technology was discovered long before by human being which included even how to control of fire, which came to learn of phones, printing press and also discover on the internet (MacKenzie & Wajcman, 1999).

In the technology invention, the amazing of it is the invention of the wireless networking. Wireless networking is a computer type of network which is seen using wireless data connections in between the nodes of the network. Such type of method which has enabled us to communicate from one place to another by use of the cellular phone without the use of cable networks. The, method backs in the 1970s in the University of Hawaii, where the high-speed wireless network was seen to come in reality. It was used for communicating data through the Hawaiians Islands. But this was never the end; it was until the year 1991 when the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) they were seen starting to discuss the standardization of the WLAN technology. This use of wireless networking was introduced to the public in 1999, which people appreciated it and referred it “nice to have” and it was seen to have 802.11 a and b ratifications. Though they were seen to have a slow speed of up to 54Mbps and 11 Mbps respectively, it was a great inventory (Foster, retrieved 2017).

(Gunther, 2015)It was until 2003; there was a production of mobile devices and laptops which could utilize the use of Wi-Fi. Though each inventory has got pro and con, so as it to this inventory. Wireless networks have been seen allowing multiple devices to be in use at the same time while connecting to the internet remotely. Things such as laptops, tablets or even phones can be moved freely without cable use to connect to the network. They have also eased the sending of the file from one device to another without connecting them using a cable. They have reduced the budget as people are now not buying many cables which were used to transfer networks or even file through devices. It has also offered the transfer of information at any place and at any time.