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Health Finance Management: Electronic medical record Project Plan

Project goals and objectives

The purpose of the project is to convert the medical system from the paper records into the software package system that will be helpful in creating the medical records with the help of properly managed system that will maintain the system and will minimize the use of paper within the hospital. The implementation or EMR will enable the hospital management to manage the framework and will make the data processing faster than before (Thompson 2013). The main objectives of implementing EMR software are given below.

  1. To maintain the medical records on the electronic system that will be helpful for the patient diagnosis.
  2. To keep the data secure and avoid from losing.
  3. To minimize the medical errors and providing benefit to both doctors and patients.
  4. To provide a feasible area for data sharing and reducing the unwanted errors in the handwritten transcriptions.
  5. To avoid the data from getting misplaced.
  6. To avoid the use of files and paper work.
  7. Generating market increase and health related safety for the patient’s welfare.
  8. Easy access to the patient’s information.
  9. To manage and take care of the privacy concerns of the patients.

Work break down within EMR

The work breakdown of EMR of Mount Pleasant hospital is provided to highlight the different aspects of the electronic data software. The work breakdown that is provided below will provide the risk analysis, contingency planning, scheduling, time frame, budget and the other major aspects of the software. This system will help in different areas of management that will enhance the working system of the software. Here it is provided the simple set of work breakdown of the software within Mount Pleasant hospital.