E-Commerce Business

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E-Commerce Business

  • Group Number: 
  • Group Member Name and Student IDs: 
  • Selected Business Name- Pentagram 
  • Business Website- http://www.pentagram.com/ 
  • E-commerce Business Model- B2C (Business to Consumer) 
  • Activities and Engagement of the group members while completing the project 

Ans.  In total we were 4 members in our team and the task was to analyse a graphic designer business that works online. The name that we chose was Pentagram and was taken into consideration. We had to mention about a graphic designer company and the first thing that we searched for was the companies working as the graphic designers. After setting the company with a fix, all the members of our company got segregated into different parts and we got assigned with different responsibilities. All of us fixed a specific time frame within which we had to submit the assigned work.  The initial work was to find the e-commerce business firm and then find out how it works. Half of the team was engaged in the task of finding out the identifying the services that were provided by Pentagram.

One of the members of the team was engaged to find how accessible the company was and then find the features of the company.  Other members were engaged to find the working of the website of Pentagram and then search for the requisites of the websites like the language and the culture of work. The next task was to find the productivity of the website and the functioning of the website too. The features like the navigation and accessibility in the website were important to find and thus some members were entitled to find the features of the website too.


  1. Analyse the website and identify the main business goals of the chosen business.

Ans. Pentagram has a well made and well maintained website that has all the necessary elements in the webpage. All the required information is found at the right places and are positioned well too. the website has been so well and efficiently that the navigation in the website happens to be easy and convenient. It is often regarded that the website of accompany is viewed by the literate and the educated members of the society and hence the website of Pentagram has been well made so that it can be liked and visited a multiple number of times by more sections of the society. The company aims at making graphic designs and hence the creativity and the reliability on the company can be judged by the company website only.