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Task 1:

  1. What is the software architectural style of system of Bit torrent?


BitTorrent is used to communicate protocol that is off peer to Peer file sharing.  The data of Big torrent are used to distribute files over the internet. Though the protocol that BitTorrent generally seeds are under development as there are many areas to improve and enhance other services. The service on which Bit Torrent works is described below:

Figure: System Architecture

(Source:carlsen, 2016)

BitTorrent is focused on the file transfer protocol, a standard Network protocol is used for transferring the files from one host to the other host over the TCP layer. It is built on a client and server architecture and it can fail if there is Overload, and the server is down for any reason [1].

The components of BitTorrent system are:

Metainfo file





The metainfo file holds all the information about the torrent, it is joined with a .torrent extension.

There are Metainfo, announce, data creation, comment keys in metadata info. This Encoding scheme is mostly used by Bancoding. The tracker is responsible for managing the participation of Torrent, this is basically a HTTP service based on the port 6969, and the peer requests the tracker to join it with other peers that has the required pieces.

The working principle:

The HTTP GET message from a peer to peer tracker and it contains the info_hash, peer_id, uploaded, downloaded, left, port parameter. The response message from the tracker includes interval, tracker_id, peer etc. Data querying takes place from the scraping and then the tracker responds to the scrape page. Peer performs a handshake function in order to start the communication, in the next step handshaking using the BitTorrent Protocol, the peer’s starts delivering message to one another [2]. Once the complete file is downloaded the executable program runs on the user’s machine there is coordination in between OS platforms for reading and writing operations. If the peers are in between the same client, perform the operation can faster.