Dissertation : Describes The Process Of Strategic Alliance

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Describes The Process Of Strategic Alliance



The research describes the process of strategic alliance and its impact on the global marketplace. Strategic Alliance has evolved as an essential tool for the corporate sector to reduce the pressure of competition and create a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. The researcher has tried to explain the process of creating an alliance and has chosen the case of Shaca Construction and Urban Fabrik, construction companies for evaluating the above assertion. The researcher has gathered relevant primary and secondary resources for understanding the past developments of the process and compares them with the present situation. The researcher has used a suitable research methodology for evaluating the research aims and objectives.

The researcher evaluated that the strategic alliance helps the firm in amalgamating their resources build better construction services to their customers. The alliance process expands the reach of the firms to a larger consumer base and strengthens the company resources against the competition. However, there are some pitfalls in the process of strategic alliance. The organisations must ensure that they have the capability to achieve the objective set by the alliance and trust each other regarding management and financial planning of the process. The findings of the study suggest that a strategic alliance has been growing rapidly in the market. The strategic alliance is a useful tool for improving the conditions of the international marketplace as it contributes extensively in reducing the competition and unifying the resources of the business houses to develop better and quality services for the customers. However, the reduction is competition can also lead to fall in the level of quality which will worsen the market condition.  


Conducting this research has been one of the most preferable experiences of my life. It has contributed exceptionally in enhancing my knowledge base and skills of analysis. I was capable of overcoming the challenges that I faced while completing this dissertation. However, all this would not have been possible without the guidance and help of many persons supporting me. First, I would like to thank my supervisor ___________ for constant assistance and guidance throughout the research. Special thanks to my academic guides who shared their knowledge and encouraged me. I would also like to thank my friends who provided me moral support and helped in collecting the primary data from various resources. Finally, I would like to thank the organising personnel who participated in the research survey and shared their valuable insights. The support of all these people gave the strength and courage required for conducting this study.