Database Designing Concept Report

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Database Designing Concept Report


This assignment has been takes place in order to understand the case scenario given and develop a required system as per your understanding. The coursework will enhance the database skills of the database designer and helps in future projects.

Task 1: Discuss the employment role which is available in Best solution database ltd.

Database overview:

Database Designing Concept ReportDatabase system is used to provide simple and convenient way to store, update and retrieve data from database. A database is a software program generated by computer which is used to access the data from database. Database not only cares about the data updating, modification and insertion in the database but it also cares about how to protect the data from unauthorized access.

What is Best Solution Database?

In ‘best solution database’ particular each employees will be known by their ID, Name and department name they are belong to. And in this database each and every employee can be work in one or more projects but they are not belonging to more than one department.

Every department have unique department code and they are identified by department code and department name. For different types of jobs or projects department code is also different. For example: Employees belongs to different department using different codes. Database stored details of each project and also stored which particular employee will be selected for each project.

Best solution database having important personal details of each employee and few points are given below why it is so important:

Itcan be described as available source of information which includes details of employees as Education information, contact information, work schedule, salary information and so on.


Best solution database are highly efficient. Members of the department can easily receive information about employees or management whenever required.


As the information is given by the employees should be correct or accurate and that information is straight from the source. Employee can be able to access their information at any time from database. Therefore, employee can keep database updated.