Data Analysis And Finding

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Data Analysis And Finding



The researcher has conducted this research work to illustrate the factors that affect customer loyalty by taking the Indian telecom company, BSNL. The aim of the paper is to find out and assess those factors that make the customers look for other companies, rather than staying with the present organisation. Therefore, the paper has tried to look at the problem closely to find out the inherent reasons behind the factor. In the second chapter, the researcher has used SERVQUAL model to understand the factors that affect desired service quality. On the other hand, the service-profit-chain model prescribes how customer loyalty can be ascertained.

The research has been mainly done by incorporating the positivism and deductive approach to use the present theories and models to look at the chosen topic from different angles. Therefore, the third chapter has described the research design based on which, the entire research is going to flourish. Therefore, it is obvious that a timeframe be presented to calculate the time that is necessary to complete the research work judiciously. The researcher has taken 60 respondents in the survey to understand their pulse. The survey has presented several important points of view regarding the customer retention policy of BSNL. The respondents have replied positively regarding the tariff prices of the services of BSNL. However, the customers have shown their disapproval regarding the customer relation approaches taken by the employees of the employees. Some of the customers have even suggested to offer specialised offers and rewards packages to the loyal customers as a token of gratitude. The last chapter has dealt with linking the objectives with the survey questionnaire and the literature review. In addition, the researcher has tried to recommend some corrective measures to tackle the challenge of customer loyalty bravely.