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Global Business Assignment HelpThe UK based Glug PLC is a soft drink manufacturer and distributor. The target market is currently limited to European regions. The organization is planning to transform its business form export business model to global product suppliers in every continent. For this purpose, it is planning to hire a team of 50 individual to support achievement of its long term goals.

It has been planned the team member will work from their home country and work under the supervision of a project manager. Before the appointment and hiring are finalized, the CEO aims to analyze the situation to deal with people from diverse backgrounds. Thus the following report is prepared in context with cross cultural leadership theories, styles, skills and issues that influence the relationship among the member and affect the achievement of targets.

Thus an in depth explanation of theories based on the research work of known authors are mentioned to help understand the appropriate ways to deal with people and situations. It also explains the required skills and abilities of the leader to ensure the effectiveness of team building and achievement of goals. Furthermore recommendation on the choice of leadership style is also explained supported by the various styles based on the theories developed.


The concept of cross cultural leadership has gained attention with the necessity to take part in the era of globalisation and liberalization. Business organisations cannot escape the need to work across cultures. The leaders need to be adaptive and open to organise and manage work with people in different cultural settings. The significance lies here that how well leaders can communicate and understand the international behind the expressions and words. In respect with this, a report focusing on the management of culturally diverse and geographically dispersed team prepared below. It further aims to describe traits of global leadership behaviour and challenges occurred in the team management.