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CRITICAL ASSESSMENT ON THE REIGN OF MUBARAKSheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah is mostly addressed as the one of the most dominating personality man in Kuwait. His contribution towards the betterment of people of Kuwait is immense. He is also considered as the founder of the modern Kuwait and performed different kinds of activities for shaping the Kuwait at different level. Apart from that it is noted that there is no any particular record which comprehensively deals with the reign of Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah. There are so many critics imply over the reign of Mubarak in the history is literature (Alghanim, 2011). Most of the academic researchers and historians have gathered different kinds of ideas and assumptions about the reign of Mubarak from the conception of Sheikh’s seizure of power, the political affairs underlying the 1899 Anglo-Kuwait agreement, Mubarak’s adopted policy with Najd, the continuous struggle for mastery of central Arabia between the Al Saud and Al Rashid dynasties and involvement of Mubarak in tribal politics. It is also noted that reign of Mubarak is mainly marked between the period of 1896-1915 and the impact of the reign of Mubarak has been felt on the Kuwait in many ways (Rapus et al. 2014).

Reign of Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah:-

The reign of Mubarak started from his seizure of the power to his death. There are so many critics and arguments took place in the history of literature about unrecorded history of reign of Mubarak (Alhajeri, 2011). The researcher and most of historians have attempted to figure out the reign of the Mubarak as an Arab event and through Arab eyes, nevertheless, it would not be possible to deny that the existence of the British presence and the effective of British policy are more and less connected with Mubarak and Kuwait. It is noted that the power of British were pre-eminent during the reign of Mubarak in Arabia Gulf. On the other hand, Slot (2009) commented that reign of Mubarak begun with the seizure of power in 1896 by the murder of his two brothers. Beside it, the relationship of Mubarak between Kuwait and the Ottoman Empire at the same time is also considered as the starting point of the reign of the Mubarak.


According to Duane et al. (2011), there has been a constant and reflective theme in the history of Kuwait specially in the year of 1896 and 1925 and that is the crucial and major significant to Mubarak and his prior connection and contribution to British. It is also noted that British support proved to be very crucial part to the existence of the Mubarak and to the development of the Kuwait as an independent state. Gischler and Lomando (2010) opined that Mubarak had performed different kinds of activities in helping Kuwait when he came into the thrown for more and more power and sovereign apart from the Ottoman. He had decided to allow exclusive rights for Britain to establish a post office in Kuwait in1904 and in 1905-1906; it was being considered that Kuwait should fly its own flag in its states instead of the Ottoman standard. It is noted that neither post office nor flag would be entertained until the world war the first. The Mubarak has allowed and made alliance with the Indian subcontinent for the dealing business and extending relationship with more than one countries. In 1907, Mubarak has sold the rights and decisions for any terminus railroad’s sites to the British, compromising the German-Ottoman for extending the Berlin –Baghdad railway to the port that would give an opportunity to make business connection with Indian subcontinents (Gischler and Lomando, 2009).