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1. Introduction:

Global MBA Coursework PresentationAn organisation essentially rests on the condition of satisfying its customers to the fullest. Application of various strategies within an organisation tries to identify the areas where appropriate scope of improvement can help in gaining customers’ satisfaction. Nahm et al. (2004) described that organisational activities with the help of strategies produce effective and much improved products and customer service that leads to better customer service delivery. In the present report, study of Sainsbury’s will be conducted which is one of the leading organised retailing firms in the UK. Cameron and Quinn (1999) defined that organisational structure of Sainsbury’s defines a hierarchical organisational structure that depicts command of instructions and information an ideological manner. The chosen department for study of organisational management is retail and logistics department so that attributes of organisational management can be accessed at a deeper level.

2. Accurate Organisational Description:

Organisational management helps in achievement of competitive advantage by focusing on the areas that can be improved and better organisational effectiveness can be provided. Operational functions when implied in a service based organisation has to understand the areas persistent with issues and challenges so that accordingly managing strategy are implied and implemented. Customer value is one of the vital aspects that can help in adding attraction factor within an organisation (Bjerke, 2003). Organisational management on the other hand ensures that as per customisation of customers, production system or service delivery is framed that acquires attention and interest of customers.

Internal customers of the organisation are the employees and shareholders who are valued as they are crucial part of organisational operations. Fangen (2005) mentioned that Sainsbury’s believes in concept of motivation and leadership that can fuel the inner desire of the employees to perform better and attain higher organisational effectiveness. With the help of regular supervision, retail and logistics sector are carefully analysed so that a timely delivery is achieved and customer satisfaction is ensured accurately. On the other hand, external customers are the target customer of Sainsbury’s who are residents of the UK and are not categorised under any criteria or divisions (website). Retail and logistics department need to