Commercial Business Law

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Commercial Business Law

Operation Of Business In The UAE


Any business operating in the United Arab Emirates ought to comply with the rules and regulations as well as the laws that have been put down to control the operation of business. Due to the tremendous growth in the manufacturing and selling sector, companies have to be over-enthusiastic when it comes to following and applying laws.

Silver trading L.L.C is a company which will be located in the United Arab Emirates. It mainly deals with manufacturing, importing and export of hardware and hand tools. The company will officially commence in the year 2016, and it will mainly endeavor in exporting and importing goods in and out of the country. As for now, the company has set up a branch in Abu Dhabi. Their products and brands include; hand tools, garage equipment, welding machines and most importantly, electrical equipment. The company not only manufactures the goods, but also exports them to various countries around the globe.

 Clearly, the company was started with one main aim; the core value of not only providing efficient and reliable products, but also perfect and professional services. The company will always thrive under these values and is what will keep them going. The fact that the company will be dedicated in provision of excellent services to the employees and all its stakeholders will eventually make it to be among the leading organizations in its area of specialization.

Memorandum of association for Silver trading L.L.C (Under the UAE commercial companies’ law)

A memorandum of association of a company is a very crucial document in the organization. To this regard, it has to be ardently formulated and vigilantly maintained. Practically, the document contains the fundamental clauses under which an organization is allowed to operate in a certain region or country. Below is a preparation of the memorandum of association used Silver trading L.L.C Company.