Cloud Computing Set 6

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Cloud Computing Set 6

Executive Summary

          This document will illustrate the aspects of the cloud computing considering OSDS as a cloud client and the MICROSOFT as a cloud service provider. In this document some essential aspects of cloud computing, such as remote management, disaster recovery & backup recovery, SLA guidelines, appliance resilience and resource management are discussed one by one so that a reader or company planning to implement the cloud to enhance their company performance can understand the concept more precisely(IEEE Cloud Computing Special Issue on Cloud Security, 2015). This report focuses more on SLA, in fact, some SLA guidelines are also written in this document. Apart from SLA and its guidelines, this document also contains some material on how an organization can keep their data save. Following these aspects can help the organization to understand how to deal with the service provider and how to deal with the services within the organization.

Management & Remote Administration

          This area of the report mainly talks about the services prerequisites of the cloud computing and additionally some instruments and techniques gave by the administration supplier to handle the circumstance in an appropriate manner. Taking after are some focuses to expand it accurately:

Remote Administration System:

Remote administration incorporates some client interface and apparatuses to handle the organization and setup of the cloud and act as a middle man between the cloud client and angles like dealing with the resources, billing and the SLA(Border, 2007). Two entries that are best to use for remote administration are as follow:

  1. Usage & Administration Portal: This entrance used to control and deal with the administrator and basically relies on the conveyance model of the administrations gave by the cloud temporary worker.
  2. Self Service Portal: With this kind of entry, customers can look latest administrations being offered by the supplier of cloud administrations.