Cloud Computing Set 5

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Executive Summary

An organization such as OSDS that is planning to implement cloud computing in their organization will already have some expectations and idea of what they want to achieve, but through this report the organization can understand the concept more clearly that what are the main aspects of executing cloud in the organization and how these aspects can affect working of the organization(Zhang and Yuan 1932-1936). This report covers some main aspects of cloud services like SLA guidelines, remote management and resource management, disaster recovery, backup recovery and appliance resilience. Discussing these aspects in this report is important so that it can work as a short guide for a company while considering the cloud for their functionalities. Understanding these aspects is required by picking a particular cloud service provider and this report has considered MICROSOFT as a service provider.

Management and Remote Administration

Remote Administration

Remote administration mainly helps with managing configuration and peripheral IT devices linked with the cloud in a professional manner(Ravi, Venkatakrishnan and Kannan 975-979). By developing remote administrator a company can manage these technical aspects more professionally. Here we discuss two communal portals mainly used to develop remote administrator:

  1. Administrator Portal: – This portal helps an organization to consolidate their managing process of IT decides linked with the cloud.
  2. Self Service Portal: – Through the self-service portal a cloud client can choose the services according to their requirement same as they choose items they want to purchase from an e-commerce website. Such portal also updates client with the new services going to launch.

Some requirements mentioned in Morad and Dalbhanjan’soperational checklist are mentioned below that need to be satisfied by the cloud client:

  • Company using cloud services should ask for some commands such as start, stop, replace and down, etc. so that a company can keep some controls in their hands.
  • A company using cloud services should understand that they have some responsibilities to serve such as using good enough servers and saving data effectively and in a secure manner, etc.