CASE STUDY:Letter Of Transmittal

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CASE STUDY:Letter Of Transmittal

May 2nd, 2016


Mr. Anh Diep,

Head of IT


Subject: Letter of Transmittal

Dear Sir,

I submit herewith the report on the IT service management of HSC and its overall business operations in regards to the implementation of the ITIL framework along with the five principles for successful operation. Some recommendations are also mentioned for further improvement of the ITSM in HSC via ISO 20000 framework.

Yours Sincerely,

Enclosure: Report

Executive Summary

This report assess the impact of Information Technology service management that is in high demand among the various IT companies. The information technology service management ensures timely services by identifying the various customer’s needs as well as business needs and then resolving various issues along with monitoring and measuring the service variables, A study of two of the popular used ITSM framework is done for better understanding of the ITSM process and impact. The ITIL and ISO 20000 frameworks are assessed and its impact on the overall impact on the organizational goal of achieving customer expectations by responding to various service calls and deliveries. The HSC’s implementation of ITIL on its business and how the company can further improve their objective of meeting the customer’s expectations and meeting the service deliveries by saving cost and time is also recommended in this report.


The importance of IT Service Management (ITSM) is valued in many IT companies as it has rapidly become a norm in IT corporate culture. IT service management is the most critical component in the cloud computing era that checks the health of the IT based companies. This report highlights the importance and need of ITSM in organizations that can ensure proper management of investments in IT infrastructure (Cronin, 2013, p.45). The report will also include the contribution of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and ISO/IEC 20000 in IT service management. The report will also shed light on the application of IT service management in context with HSC.

1 Importance and need of ITSM at organizations

The IT service management has grown to be a major part in global businesses as well as in large and medium scale enterprises. However, many companies apply IT service management on in service desk whereas its application can be done in many other areas that can improve the overall functioning and delivery. A few other companies implemented some of the practices from Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and has gain much in the area of service management (Pinder, 2012, p.66).

As per IT Infrastructure Library, IT service management  is the delivery and support of IT services that are appropriate and fits the business requirements and other services of an organization. The IT service management helps an organization to work on their strategic approach by the application of  IT in designing, delivering, managing and overall improvement of the functioning of services and investments. IT service management also makes sure that the right people, right process and the right technology is appropriately placed and utilized in the organization in order to achieve the organizational goals (Van Hove and Thomas, 2014, p.86).

There are also several aspects of services like Technical, Organizational and Application services  that are associated with IT service management. Technical Services are mainly applied in the related technical services in a particular technological part or area. Network services and Database services are some the best examples that needs the application of technical services (Cots and Casadesus, 2013, p.26). Application Services on the other hand, are used in a particular end user business applications. This  services are the well known and widely used services such as email services and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services. Organizational services are applied in specific organization or in specific organizational role of a company. Operations and Sales Support Services are the best examples in this category of services (Cots et al. 2014, p.7).