Case Study Analysis

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Case Study Analysis

Assignment Question 1:

a.) Would King and Queen be liable to EFL? Provide specific case references to support your answers.

Case study analysis:

King and Queen is an auditing firm and they conduct audit over the firm named as “Impulse” or “Impulse Pty. Ltd.”. Auditors make examination of their prepared financial statements for the year ended 2012 and in the end they render unqualified report to them. Unqualified report means organisation follow all the set rules and regulation and policies effectively also with this they make correct representation of their financial statement and make disclosure of every activity in detailed manner (Christensen, et. al., 2013). It also derived that financial statements didn’t have any errors or there is no such fraudulent record of misleading activities. Impulse is trying to take the loan from the EFL and in order to render the loan EFL require audit report because they have trust over the report prepared by the auditors firm King and Queen which shows that they have good financial performance. But it is identified by them as there is effective regular decrement is noted down in debtors turnover and stock turnover and this part is not discussed or described by the auditors firm due to which the report become qualified or attain negative feedback over their opinion. So this verifies that auditors fail to find correctness in context to the debtors and closing balances of stock (Foster, 2015). If they put rely over the auditor’s report they approve the loan which can be termed as non-beneficial for them. It is observed that auditors didn’t perform their duties effectively in order to make identification of the correctness of financial position. As per this analysis auditors need to provide qualified report over the financial performance of organisation.

Requirement of ISA

It is auditor’s responsibility to provide correct and reliable report over the organisational financial performance during the current year. The auditor’s objectives get explain into ISA 200 in context to audit program. It is very important for Auditors to follow the set guidelines of ISA or International Standards on Auditing (Foster, 2015). With the help of these standards auditor attain effective powers in order to check the financial statements of the organisation and prepare report in context to the true, fair and reliable presentation of financial statements. Signed auditory report is the proof of having financial statements free from errors, or fraud or from misrepresentation of the facts and figures. As per the auditing standards regulations auditors need to make proper record of their findings and it is very important for auditor to perform their activities ethically. In order to behave ethically he/she didn’t need to become bias and took corrective actions in order to safeguard the interest of their respective stakeholders (Foster, 2015).