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Business Strategy

Executive Summary

Pizza Hut is an organization which has been operating in the fast food industry for a long time. The success of the organization has been due to its focus on customer satisfaction, powerful brand image, and value added services. Pizza Hut aggressively expands into different markets. This is achieved by adapting to local cultures and cuisines and combining it with its traditional products. Pizza Hut also creates restaurants which offer unique eating experience for its customers. Business strategy is a broad based and comprehensive process that seeks to create appropriate and realistic action plans for business organizations. It enables companies to respond effectively and efficiently to hurdles and challenges. Stakeholder analysis is a vital component of any business strategy. It helps to create higher levels of partnership and interaction between the organization and stakeholders. The stakeholders are the people and business partners which are affected by the results of any business strategy. It is the goal of stakeholder analysis to ensure that superior and affirmative outcomes are enabled for the stakeholders. Environmental and organizational audit tools are used to investigate the micro environmental and macro environmental factors on any organization. The macro environmental factors are the external factors that seem to impact the ability of organizations to survive inside markets. Micro environmental factors utilize a number of variables to study the factors that can lead to the success of any business organization. Other theoretical frameworks exist for conducting environmental and organizational audit. These frameworks must be integrated and combined in order to produce the best possible course of action. Pizza Hut has a number of strengths which can be used to overcome its limitations. It has a dynamic and proactive management which seeks to improve volume and revenue of organization. It has a trained and talented work force which can provide dynamic and timely customer services. Pizza Hut outlets are large open spaces where children have access to playgrounds. The organization offers pizzas and other food items which are rich in taste and quality. These strengths have enabled Pizza Hut to become a giant in the pizza industry. It has produced superior outcomes for the performance of the organization.  Strategic positioning is a process that enables organizations to respond effectively and efficiently to the fluctuations and dynamics of the market.


Pizza Hut is a well known and reputed player in the fast food industry. Over the years the organization has registered strong business growth and prosperity due to a number of factors (Gumpert, 1989). This has been because of its ability to successfully withstand market fluctuations and respond to hurdles in a dynamic manner. Pizza Hut has a strong brand image and customer loyalty which enables it to achieve success. The aim of this research report is to formulate a strategic plan for the organization in order to improve revenues and sales. The report will study the terminology used in business strategy studies. It will highlight the various theoretical frameworks that are used to analyze and evaluate the relative position of a business organization. It also identifies the appropriate alternative strategies which need to be done by Pizza Hut. In order to arrive at appropriate conclusions, the report has used a number of research paradigms and methodologies.