Business Plan Assignment Help

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Business Plan Assignment Help

Executive summary

The entire business plan of a company named Organic Pabulums is prepared. This company will be introduced into the business world. It will carry out its services in two platforms, online and offline simultaneously. The online is carried out via company website and the offline services are operated from a retail store. The products of Organic Pabulums are organic food items. Apart of the funds are raised from NGOs and Government contributions. The rest is from my personal property and the loan taken from bank.

As the lives of people in this era has become too fast, they do not possess the time to find the items of their best choice from a huge mass of options available all around. Thus people attempt to grip the nearest and easiest option available in each and every parameter of life no matter whether they are perfectly meeting their demands or not or they are good for them or not. But an initiative is taken to implement a project which will help people to meet their demands in the easiest and simplest way without compromising with their health and hygiene (Abrams, 2003). The project is to form a company named as Organic Pabulums. The research report with reference to the project is provided over here.


1.1 Mission, goals and objectives of Organic Pabulums

The mission of the company is to deliver organic food item to customers as per their orders and carry out the business transactions with implementation of the advanced technology of online marketing as well as giving importance to the traditional retail marketing strategy (Barrow, 2011). The mission of Organic Pabulums generated the objectives to be followed and the goals to be reached.

The objectives of Organic Pabulums are as follows:-

  • To maintain quality in the organic products.
  • To become successful in keeping the commitments made to the customers. The orders which will be placed online must be reached to the customers within time and with proper care. Moreover, the customers who are interested to visit the retail store and pick the organic food items by their own hands can do that too. Thus it will serve to categories of customers and thereby meet their needs.
  • To provide customer satisfaction and customer’s reliability upon their services.

The goals of Organic Pabulums include reaching high target sales and each year the goals will be modified to cross the previous year’s sales and move forward on the way to success.

1.2 Philosophy of Organic Pabulums and the users of its market

Each and every business possesses a philosophy and this is not an exception. The business philosophy of Organic Pabulums is to compete with the previous personal records and to consider the personal business mistakes as the guidelines to modification and rectification. The company never compares the sales with any other concern but always attempts to cross the previous record of sales of the own firm. The challenges that are faced on the way to proceed in the business world are considered as miles stone to reach success (Barrow, Barrow and Brown, 2012). One more major point that must be included in the philosophy of Organic Pabulums is meeting the needs of all kind of customers by offering versatile retain services of organic food products. This will make the market provided by the organization accessible to all people with variable mentalities which is indeed a plus point for the company.