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This report is based on the ethical dilemma which occurred within workplace in business or even in the educational institutes. Ethical dilemma is the commonly faced situation where the metal conflicts are involved through different actions. Through this report ethical situation is discussed with assumption. The people who were involved, the situation, reason behind it, my own action against the dilemma which is based on ethics are also discussed. Different theories of ethics like the paleontology, consequential ism and virtue of ethics are the main ones in the ethical issues. These ethics are described through critical analyse. Later reflection on own behavior is discussed by taking Part 1 and 2 discussion.

Part 1

Discuss an ethical dilemma that you have had to face in the workplace or at college / university.

Working in a trade association I have faced ethical dilemmas. I had ran into such an issue where a new director in finance of my company. I found out that the director with another executive are providing uncorrected reporting to the board of directors of the company. Though I did not have any proper evidence on the number that were wrongly showed I tried to find out the press release and other documents. After few months I have got the papers which were sufficient in revealing their deed. But on knowing this the director and as also CEO of the organisation tried to threaten me in various method. The CEO rather tried to harass me for not wanting to lie on the financials. (, 2014).

After trying several time I got caught of one of the board of directors with the help of my friend who was in a big position. I confront him all the issues and showed him the financial documents and the false one.

I took the action though knowing that I might get fired or I position can be down as the values and policies were in conflict. The virtues and the ethics were pushing my wiliness to stand on the right side. After reviewing all the materials placed by me they board of directors fired the executive and lower the position of CEO. But as he got influences on the upper level he got me fired on the next month. (, 2014).But I stayed to my moral values. In the process several other people were also get fired and my friend who helped me had to face certain consequences on this performances. It hurt a little but as the right thing has to be done I did it.

After having done this I felt relieved and free of burden. Though the consequences did not came in favour of me I was happy with my choice and never looked back.  By doing do I was able to respect myself and convince others to do as well.

I will be able to give myself 8 as for my deed certain employees and colleagues has to face issues over their career and job I had been thinking on the moral line. The wrong should be punished whatever the reason is.