Burberry Marketing Strategy

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Burberry Marketing Strategy

Executive Summary

Burberry has a well developed supply chain management system which is based upon using retail, wholesale, e-commerce, and licensing distribution strategies. The success of the organization has been due to its ability to penetrate emerging markets like China and India. Diversified distribution channels have helped the organization to attain a strategic competitive advantage. Another key strength is its strong and aggressive branding strategies. Burberry never compromises on quality which is a key asset as it helps to target the premium customers. The customers are willing to purchase the products because they know the quality and excellence. The global fashion industry is dynamic and intensely competitive.  Corporate marketing strategies of companies related to fashion apparel and accessories undergo drastic changes on a daily basis. As a strong brand, Burberry has managed to retain the original marketing concept of high quality with fashion forwardness for its followers. Burberry has a history of over one hundred and fifty years of providing British luxury with reliability and has gone under two major shifts in its positioning over the 1.5 century history. The first shift in the Brand positioning of Burberry came about when it decided to go from being a trench coat manufacturer to becoming exclusively a masculine wear manufacturer.  About a decade ago, after many years of this positioning, the organization underwent another major shift in its positioning again, this time from a luxury generic brand to a pioneer and novel product manufacturer and a strong marketing brand. Burberry’s marketing should focus on the emerging markets like the Asia-Pacific region and Middle East.

The luxury goods market is growing at large rates which means that Burberry can take advantage of its to improve its market position. the apparel segment in the region is lucrative so that Burberry can use its existing strengths to penetrate the market. China, Japan, Russia, and India are emerging markets which have the greatest potential because of their huge size, economic strength, and rising middle classes. This is also aided by the fact that the awareness for Western luxury products is rising among the middle classes. Taping the potential of this market requires the presence of clear and precise goals. Burberry needs to integrate global and local marketing by creating specific parameters for success. The global initiatives should define the parameters in which the local marketing will operate. Local knowledge of market customs, behaviors, and trends will aid in the growth of the organization in an efficient and effectual manner. Online retailing is another concept that has emerged in the world. Burberry can take advantage of this opportunity to improve its online presence. Online retailing offers significant benefits to the customer. It helps them to purchase and search for products without any geographical or physical limitations. It offers convenience and reliability which can help the customers in making quick decisions. For the organization, online retailing offers the chance of reducing the costs of a physical presence in emerging markets. It helps it to target a global market which can increase the volume of profits and revenues. Furthermore, it can make Burberry competitive as it will not be vulnerable to shocks within any single market.