Bi And System Development

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Bi and System Development

Assignment item- 2 Part 1


I would like to express my gratitude to my tutor as well as our guideswho gave me the golden chance to do this wonderful project on the topic Accounting Information Systems, which also helped me in doing a lot of Research and i came to know about so many new things I am really thankful to them. 

Executive Summary

In this report I have deemed to be a person who has just completed his graduation in commerce field and now working in accounting firm which provides valuable and imperative suggestion and advice to clients to run their business simultaneously grow at the significant rate.

Accounting information system is a system which is coupled with upgraded integrated technology to manage, retrieve, report,collect andprocess the financial information in systematic manner as per the guidelines issued by the international body so that it could be used by stakeholders for their better decision making in the organization. In this report we will discussed on business intelligence and its imperative points in managing financial information in chronological manner (Svec,  et. Al., 2014).


Business intelligence is an integrated software application which is very imperative to be used in many big organizations for managing their complex and significant financial data for the better implementation of their plan. In simple term it could be said that it is the software application used by the big organizations to analyze raw data and helps management department and company executive to come up with effective decision making.

Results – Material and Methods:

Competitive advantages- it is the main quality of the company that puts company insuperiorposition in the business market as those of other who are falling in the same group mapping of the organization offering.

Business intelligence can provide a competitive advantage.

  • It empowers organization to respond quickly, intelligently and efficiently with the process problems.
  • It helps organization to adapt with the changing external environment and also provides complete set of data to the users to understand the circumstance of the organization’sexternal factors.
  • This program software provide a big level of help in enhance data reporting system quality by incorporating a systematic transactional form and update data information capabilities in various organization value chafing activities.
  • It helps in reduction of cost of the production of the products and services offered in the industry as high amount of mistakes and problems could be avoided with the use of BI in the organization.
  • Business intelligence is upgraded software which is used to develop 24*7 user friendly access program for the organization development that transfer data and circulate information totheir required places of the business process of Queensland Health systems implementation process.
  • Effective BI helps in mitigating cumber process problems and communication issues in various system processes.