BBA315 General Details Of The Case Study Report

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BBA315 General Details of the Case Study Report

DUE:Part 1: Tuesday 18th April (11pm) Part 2: Friday 2nd June (11pm)

MARKS: The Case Study Report is worth 30% of assessment marks in this unit.

FORMAT:Both Parts 1 and 2 should be typed and for Part 2 be in report format with the main tables, charts and results presented throughout the report to highlight your responses to the case study report questions. All other computer output should be put into labelled and referenced appendices.

General Details of the Case Study Report: 

If you are seeking help for writing case study assignment essays,refer to our expertly written case study assignment samples. Also take case study help from usTheCase Study Report assessment will requiretwo written submissions based around a comprehensive business forecasting project. Your group will need to determine and find suitable empirical data which will be then be used as the basis of relevant business forecasts and associated recommendations.

This is, in general, a group assessment task although there will be a separate individual component(Part 1) within the group assessment framework. Groups will be of either three (3) or four (4) participants with members in each group required to be enrolled in the same tutorial. You may not do this case study report individually. The number of people in the group will not be a consideration for the awarding of marks in the case study report. Groups will be formed in the tutorials in Week 2 of the semester and should be finalised by Week 4.

The Case Study Report submissions will be divided into two distinct report submissions; Each report submission(Parts 1 and 2) will be worth 15% of the total Case Study Report mark.

Part 1 consists of some preliminary data identification,analysis and provision of basic forecasts and will be done individually by each member of the group. Each student is required to submit their response to Part 1 through Turnitin on the unit website by 11 pm,Tuesday 18th April.

Part 2 will involve the development of further forecasts for relevant business variables based on the empirical data and analysis in Part 1. This is to be done as a group and the analysis required may involve development of scenarios,strategies,and provision of suitable recommendations to the relevant business organisation. Each group is required to submit their Part 2 final report (one report only per group) through Turnitin on the unit website by 11 pm, Friday 2nd June. For the final report submission, you a required to provide a cover sheet with the names and SID’s of each of the group members.