Australian Contract Law

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Australian Contract Law

Q 1: Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Professional Conduct in 2010

As accordance to the event occurred in Brazil, the company BHP Billiton Ltd cannot come out of the issue without taking the responsibility. The company is doing mining over that place and whatever happened to the site is more or less the impact of the dam that the company did not look after. Bowles et al. (2016) mentioned that the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Professional Conduct in 2010 clearly states a company, which is a member of Engineers Australia, must follow the guidelines mentioned in the ethics code. The very starting segment of demonstrating integrity suggests it clearly that a company must be well informed when they are working on a particular issue. Here, from the incident of a mudslide at the Valley of Gualaxo River, it is proved that they had not at all given importance to know that what can be the consequence of the breakage of the dam. As a co-owner of the mining project with the local company Samarco, it was the duty of the company to be well informed and aware of the result and not doing that; they made a violation of the ethical codes (, 2016). They have also told the localities that there is nothing to be feared off from the project, and no warnings are being issued to the villagers of Bento Rodrigues.

However, being honest and trustworthy is another important code mentioned ethical code practice. Romani and Szkudlarek, (2014) pointed out that the law explicitly indicates that one must accept the faults if they committed one and open to fair criticism. However, from the current incident of Brazilian village, it is clear that the company has distanced itself from the mining mishap, which is unethical, and the company must take the ethical responsibility and help the victims of the mudslide. The company though had promised to evacuate the local people in case of any disaster, but it is evident from the happening that they have also failed to keep the promises (, 2016).

 However, another important code of ethics is promoted sustainability and must remain concern about the public and foster the wellbeing of the community and environment. The Company also did not mention the potential impact of the dam and due to that, not only the local community that has suffered but also the environment has suffered dangerously. The water system of the river has been affected, and nothing in the river life has lived. However, as a responsible company, BHP Billiton Ltd has ordered an investigation to find out that what is responsible for this natural disaster. Though the claim is that the company has overlooked the warning, but it is subject to the inquiry.

It is also a responsibility of the organization BHP Billiton Ltd to communicate properly with the partner company Samarco, which is also a standard company in mining and maintains a high regard. However, the investigation of BHP would also focus on the issues that how Samarco is keeping the level on the practical field in compare to the others.

Thus is it is proved that there are certain areas where the company has failed to live up the with the codes of ethical practices of the enterprise.