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Enterprise Information Management also abbreviated as EIM extensively employed by organizations or companies with the objective of business enhancement and to run processes of an organization smoothly. This innovative technology furnish assurance about the qualitative data and it strongly capable to store huge amount of data in an organised or structural manner as well as deals with the complicated architecture of businesses. Centralization of data enables the employees to evaluate several aspects associated with the business and to maximize their profits by governing information regarding market strategies. Organizations can build alluring image in the market by regulating their surroundings.

(Hoang, Jung and Tran, 2013)

In this documentation two leading technologies of EIM named as Complex-Event Processingand Semantic Web are elucidated in detailed manner and the impact of these approaches on different types of industries is demonstrated in the report as well. (Badii and Sharif, 2003)


Complex-Event Processing(CEP) is an approach to track and analyze data about things or events which happen and after making analyzes this approach drive conclusions on the basis of those events. As a matter of fact this methodology identifies events such as opportunities and threats which are basically most complicated or convoluted situations and after collecting data from several resources event processing methodology delivers response quickly to handle such type of circumstances so as this approach is mostly used for intelligence applications which aware about the situations and helps to take real- time decisions. (Xiangsheng, 2014)

Enterprises implement CEPby acquiring event processing platform, applying custom coding on their application and tailoring CEP to their business requirements. In the earlier days businesses acquired CEP by implementing custom coded into application by the virtue of absence of event processing platforms but not it can be estimated that CEP is supported by 17 platforms and widely adopted by developers in numerous applications. However most of the businesses are utilizing CEP by purchasing inbuilt applications or tools which are already customized by logics of CEP. Security Information and Event Management, Fraud Detection, Supply Chain Visibility, Network and System Management and many other are the illustrations of products which are already customized by CEP logics and are implemented by many of the enterprises for due to the presence of transparency in these products because buyers deal with the features which are specific to applications.These days Governments and a few associations are preferringanalyzing real-time information by making utilization of CEP. This methodology has significantly decreased the cost which was put by them in acquiring sensors, connectors, system and PCs to investigate information and get data from them. Aside from this CEP technique helps organizations to outfit expedient data on the premise of ongoing examination as organizations needs to devour less time in making systems, for example, in the nick of time stock, time based rivalry and numerous different procedures which are obligatory to accomplish achievement.

CEP has great potential to support strategies by providing real time intelligence in applications of IT stands for Information Technology and OT stands for Operational Technology. OT or Operational Technology involves programming and equipment which recognizes changes through checking and controlling gadgets, occasions and procedures in big business.Distinct industries are inculcating OT with divergent names which are basically operated by Information Technology Systems. Applications utilized CEP in order to monitor the strength of network and equipment and to analyze consumption of electricity and in