A Case Study on Creative and Innovative Change

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A Case Study on Creative and Innovative Change

A Dissertation Entitled

A Case Study on Creative and Innovative Change in Loan Procession At

National Bank of Fujairah


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I declare that this Dissertation/Research Project, in its entirety, my own work, and that it has not previously been presented in whole or part, for any other award, or published in whole or in part elsewhere.’




The current research is aimed at assessing the impact of innovative and creative techniques for loan procession, with a special reference to the National Bank of Fujairah. The research first introduces the research topic, the problem statement and the connection among the presented variables of the research paper. The research background and brief context of the National Bank of Fujairah follow the introduction. The background of the research offers the understanding of the relevance of the research topic and the background of the company provided authentic information about the bank and its nature of work. After the presentation of the research background and company background, the researcher presents the rationale of the research, based on which, the research aims, objective and the research questions are framed.

In the second chapter of the research, the researcher has taken reference from relevant literature as the secondary source of information for the understanding of the research topic and the significance of the research. In this chapter, the concept of loan processing along with the potent innovative loan processing techniques has found proper mention. Next, the research presents a specific set of methods adapted for data collection and interpretation. Therefore, the researcher has chosen exploratory process, along with descriptive research to conduct the project efficiently. In the following chapter of the research primary data is collected by both interview and survey questions. In this chapter, 50 respondents and 5 loan officers of the bank have presented their opinions. The collected data are referred to graphs and table and it helps to assess the existing trends and challenges in the loan processing activities clearly. The data is then analysed and transformed into information based on which the recommendations are given in the following chapter. The research ends with a suitable conclusion that offers an insight to the researcher understands.